Enchanted Images Art
Fantasy Maps

These fantasy maps are based on real historical maps from around the world.
My maps are hand drawn in ink and pencil on pre-treated parchment paper, tracing
certain sections for accuracy, then hand-painted using a watercolor dry-brush technique.
When this is all dry I then flatten the map by pressing it under 20-30 lb weights for a few
Then the sheet is carefully ironed between sheets of thin cloth..
Once this is finished I can make any final drawing or painting touch ups.
Then I carefully burn the edges over a big basin of water and remove the charred bits
and ashes. The map is then again cleaned and pressed for a few more days.

Once finished I like to frame them in simple black and gold document frames that I have
"antiqued" a bit. This sounds simple but you have to have very good eye-sight and a lot
of patience!

My new pirate ship was done in pencil then colored digitally in Photoshop.
Map of the Americas
Map of the World Oceans
Map of the Uncharted World
Sail by Moonlight