My first gothic piece, "Black Fairy" was done in charcoal on newsprint many years ago
as a quick sketch and has become a personal favorite over the years.This was part of
a series of six, however my cat at the time decided to "help" me organize them and they
had to be filed under "pieces of ideas".

The "Banshee" piece is a photo that was edited with Photoshop and eventually used by
Mockstreet Films for their independant film "Chaointe".

"Death" was inspired by a very bad bout of pneumonia and a nightmare that woke me
just in time to realize that I was no longer breathing. Timing is everything...

"Ruins" is one of my first landscapes in acrylic and is a larger piece now hanging in my
living room for future inspiration.

"Wolf" was used as a bookcover for LiquidSilver Publishers under the title "The
Werewolves of Shadow Mountain" by Gabrielle St.Croix, and this book is currently
available for purchase as a hard copy or E-book.
Enchanted Images Art

Gothic Art
"Black fairy"